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Jambalaya 37 is a band of organic grooves, acid jazz and dance music, coming from Turin, Italy. They are a four piece band or a quartet, with trombone played by Gabriele Biei, keys by Gilberto Bonetto, bass, guitar, trumpet and vocals by Dario Balmas and drums by Alessandro Raise.

The band was born a little over ten years ago, from an idea inspired by Dario's trip to New Orleans. Like the typical dish of Louisiana, jambalaya, which is a fusion of different food cultures of emigrants in the USA, the band members come from different genres and artistic backgrounds, bringing in multiple ingredients and spices to this delicious soup we know as Jambalaya 37.

Jambalaya 37 is looking at opportunities to be discovered by new fans all over the world, and playing their great music for the fans to love and enjoy.


Acid Jazz

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Cooking Groove
Cooking Groove
  • Gambling
  • Vision (feat. Alison David)
  • Let's Be True (feat. Gianluca the Huge Plomitallo)
  • M.C.Y.F.J.
  • Border
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